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Thru the Igloo CD (BS006)

Under the Volcano #35

Science Diet sound like a Dischord band that drank some Evian spiked with LSD. Spidery guitar, dreamy vocals, and more part changes than you can shake a stick at. I always really liked these guys, though many of you might find they try your attention span a little too much. Also included on this disc is a cover of The Cure's "The Forest" which had become a Science Diet favorite live. Nice package with illustrations that will convince you the walls are melting. (CD)- Rich

The Aquarian Weekly

Day tripping music that makes your skin crawl and itch with each passing note and twisted lyric. Science Diet don't slip into conventional wisdom of modern music by playing off the hard riffing here, angst lyric there, Top-40 baloney that's all the rage with the kiddies these daze.

Instead the band attack their instruments like Newt Gingrich attacks the Pizza Hut all you can eat lunch line: Hard and fast, yet precise in thier plotting to grab that last slice of pepperoni before some Dem fat cat gets his hands on it.

Recording with Geoff Turner (Archers of Loaf, Superchunk, Hellbender) seems to have helped Science Diet flesh out their multilayered sound into a natural resource rather than a natural disaster. Songs such as "12:01" and "Enter-Exit" alternately twist and turn, sit and spin, frick and frack, yet never stray from the yellow brick road bringing us all to Oz by the time the last chord is struck.

I'll forgive the band for promoting the fact that they were in Details magazine (hopefully the PR people made 'em do it) and they grew up in the suburbs of Long Island, only because they're full-on fixation with dischord and manic melody rings righteous in my crushed cranium.

Light In the Attic #1

..Well, it's about time!!! I think this was due out at least a year ago. SCIENCE DIET were without a doubt one of the most underappreciated bands on Long Island. They used to play quite frequently with bands like GARDEN VARIETY, but then I saw less and less of them. Earlier on, I thought there was too much excess in thier music, unnecessarily long songs and so forth. This CD is the culmination of what SCIENCE DIET can do... and do it successfully they do!! The melodies are beautiful, the dynamics between "heavy" and "mellow" are so obvious, but yet so uncontrived. This is perfect.

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