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The Best Kissers In The World are quite possible the best band no one has ever heard of. My old band, Bubblegum Crash , once played CBGB's the week after they did and drew more people. Their history is spiraling and confusing. Their musical output was disappointingly low. But for pure 90's Power Pop, no band (even the famed Redd Kross) could match their quirky lyrics, tuneful riffs and mammoth power. Starting out in Phoenix, Arizona, the band moved to Seattle (before the grunge explosion), where a series of releases on Lucky and Sub Pop lead to a short-lived, under- promoted major label career. For an all too short time, they proudly carried the power pop torch lit by 70's acts like Cheap Trick and the Flaming Groovies into the early 90's.

Latest News:
     Singer Gerald Collier has released a new EP, "Low Tar Taste", available through his website at The Five song EP is only eight bucks. There will be full details here as soon as I get my copy. The site also has copies of the first solo album on C/Z Records, if your having trouble finding that. Also look for Collier on tour with the Supersuckers
     Former Kisser and current Supersuckers/Gerald Collier manager Danny Bland has his own site calledAmerican Blandstand.

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